Holiday at Kruger National Park – Pictures


Click the elephant/giraffe scene for the first batch of Kruger pics, including our guided safari and some visitors to Managa…


Click the hippo’s mouth for the second batch of Kruger pics, including our super-successful self-drives and our evening bush braai…


Click the picture above for more pics from our trip – the non-Kruger portions. We had 2 stopovers in Johannesburg and visited several places in Mpumalanga (near Kruger) as well…


4 thoughts on “Holiday at Kruger National Park – Pictures

  1. Don’t know where or how to begin to describe these awesome pics and stories! Mananga was certainly a blessing in itself! (Yay, Meggan!) And, seeing S & B being close up to, and feeding the ‘4-legged visitors’ to Mananga had to be an amazing treat! Looks like Papa and Uncle Joe saw plenty an animal in the wild! Needless to say, Daniel is becoming quite the “Wildlife Photographer” and could get a second job at Nat’l Geographic! Looking forward to hearing the side stories that go along with the pics in Kruger. Loving the vicarious feeling by scrolling through the pics! Glad you had fun…..can’t wait for OUR TURN to be with the Fabulous Four Kiels! Sending XOXO to all! Mom


  2. All I can say is W O W !!!!!! You must feel like a kid in a candy store day after day!!! That’s how I feel just looking at all of your amazing photos!!! And the more I look at all of you & your incredible experiences together, the more I miss you & long to be there with you!!!!! I’m so glad that Dad/Papa & Uncle Joe were able to share in a thrill of a lifetime with you! Sending tons of X’s & O’s until we can share real hugs and kisses again!!


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