October Pics

It is hard to believe that we are well over the hump of our time here.  Although October was highlighted by a trip to Kruger National Park (pics here, post here) and a trip to the mountains of the eastern Free State (pics forthcoming), there was plenty of fun at home in Bloem also.  Included here are intricate sewing projects, highlights from our Halloween, and other fun around town.  Enjoy.


Click on the expert creators for more pics from October in South Africa…


One thought on “October Pics

  1. I laughed out loud, I smiled, and I grinned! So proud of Meg and D who have given Sadie & Ben the privilege & opportunities to be creative, intelligent, and caring young people…..but, most of all to be THEMSELVES! Couldn’t have asked for better kids and grandkids! I’m a proud Mom (thx D & Meg) and the HAPPIEST JAN JAN ever (thx Sadie & Ben!) Love you all to the Moon and Back and forever & always! xoxoxo


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