Spring Road Trips Pics –

Here are two albums from road trips we took this spring….

Golden Gate Highlands National Park, town of Clarens, and more


Click on the picture for an album of photos from our trip to the Golden Gate Highlands


Cradle of Humankind and Lesedi Cultural Village, plus a visit to Pilanesburg National Park


Click on Sadie for an album of photos from our trip to the Cradle of Humankind, Lesedi Cultural Village, and Pilanesburg National Park


October Pics

It is hard to believe that we are well over the hump of our time here.  Although October was highlighted by a trip to Kruger National Park (pics here, post here) and a trip to the mountains of the eastern Free State (pics forthcoming), there was plenty of fun at home in Bloem also.  Included here are intricate sewing projects, highlights from our Halloween, and other fun around town.  Enjoy.


Click on the expert creators for more pics from October in South Africa…

September Pics – At Home and Around Bloem

Finally taking a breath to catch up on some of our pictures.  Included below are links to two albums – one is filled with the things we have been doing at home, including lots of Kiel Cottage snapshots and a surprisingly perfect sukkah; the second is filled with various things we have been doing around Bloemfontein, including our first cricket and netball matches.  We have really settled into a rhythm here and have been very fortunate to be able to interrupt that rhythm fairly often with terrific trips as well.


Click on Ben or Nelson Mandela for pics from September from around Bloemfontein….


Click on Sadie or one of South Africa’s perfect avocados for pics from September around our home….

Holiday at Kruger National Park – Pictures


Click the elephant/giraffe scene for the first batch of Kruger pics, including our guided safari and some visitors to Managa…


Click the hippo’s mouth for the second batch of Kruger pics, including our super-successful self-drives and our evening bush braai…


Click the picture above for more pics from our trip – the non-Kruger portions. We had 2 stopovers in Johannesburg and visited several places in Mpumalanga (near Kruger) as well…